DMAE for Neck, Face and Decollete

A Natural Firming Solution for Face, Neck and Decollete with DMAE

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a substance naturally produced in small amounts in the brain. It does several amazing things: protects cells from aging, strengthens the cell membrane walls, maintains muscle tone and is also a good antioxidant. DMAE acts as a firming solution to improve the appearance of sagging, flaccid and hyper-pigmented skin. It protects the elastin and collagen cross-links while defending the skin against free radicals and infuses it with moisture. Injections with DMAE result in quick results that last for several months and provide a natural solution to sagging and loose skin on the face, neck and decollete.  The more often it is applied, the more this tightening effect is made stronger.  The skin therefore becomes softer and more elastic with repeated use. DMAE has been used in personal skin care for over two decades.

*Skin Ambitions patients have been known for complete satisfaction of completed treatments, but results may vary depending on the individual. No guarantee is provided or implied.