February Specials from Skin Ambitions 


Make this Valentine’s Day special for you or someone you care about!

A Gift Certificate is a wonderful gift!


 Make this Valentine’s Day special for you or someone you care about!

A Gift Certificate is a wonderful gift!



Gua sha facial treatment.

Rolling, cupping, gua sha, on the face, neck, and chest

Jade gemstone or bronze tool used for facial treatment

Facial pressure points.

75 minute sessions

Package of 5: $775 ** Introductory price.

Expires after 2 months**

Recommended once per week.

You can also try just 30 min of this treatment as an add on to your facial for $100

Gua sha benefits

The benefits of gua sha have been known for years and through generations. When using gua sha for facial massage, you could experience several benefits.

1. Promotes lymphatic drainage

The scraping motions used in a gua sha massage help to aid lymphatic drainage. 

2. Reduce tension and pain

Gua sha has been used for thousands of years to help alleviate tension and pain. Adjusting the pressure applied with the gua sha stone in different problem areas of the neck or face can help to reduce tension and pain. 

3. Improves circulation

As well as promoting lymphatic drainage, gua sha massages can help to improve circulation. With improved circulation comes a brighter complexion as toxins are shifted and cleared from the body. 

4. Relieves puffiness

The strokes under the eyes are especially helpful in reducing puffiness that some people experience when they wake up. We always take great care when using a gua sha on the delicate skin under your eyes. 

5. Gives you some mindful minutes

Life moves at 100 miles per hour, and it can be hard to take the time to wind down and practice mindfulness or gratitude. During your gua sha facial treatment is the perfect time to reflect on the day. 



$12 per unit for the month of February

It takes 7 to 12 days for Botox to fully work after the injection.

Make your appointment today to have results for your special celebrations!



February is a perfect time to do a little lip refreshment!

$75 off Juvederm Ultra XC lip filler.

Regularly $700


$30 off Juvederm Volbella for smoothness of your lips without augmentation effect. Regurlary $550





*Skin Ambitions patients have been known for complete satisfaction of completed treatments, but results may vary depending on the individual. No guarantee is provided or implied.