A soft and silky filler used for lip augmentation and “smoker lines” elimination. If you don’t want big lips but need to improve the texture of your lips-this is for you! It may also be used for fine lines above the eyebrows!
$50 off of two syringes $375 per syringe.
Our ear lobes are visible to everyone and are reflective of the aging process. They are affected by gravity and loss of collagen, just like the rest of the body. We can improve the appearance of your lobes!  We use Juvederm to restore lost volume and if desired results are achieved, most patients don’t require repeated treatments! The procedure can be done in a single appointment in our office in about 30 minutes!
PRP SPECIALS! PRP is your own Platelet Rich Plasma harvested out of your blood. It contains several growth factors that are responsible for the formation of collagen, new vessels and new young cells. We are offering THREE specials!
PRP UNDER EYE TREATMENT $550 per session or $1400 for 3 treatments.
INJECTIONS with PRP for FACIAL VOLUME LOSS REPLACEMENT. Full Face Treatment: $800. Or $2200 for three treatments, with one every four months. (This comes with a complimentary hydro-facial for deep skin cleaning prior to treatment)
PRP FACIAL REJUVENATION with MICRO-NEEDLING $550 per session or $1400 for three sessions. This is Olga’s favorite treatment!
Packages of 3 Treatments
Small Area $132
Medium Area $180
Large Area $228
Extra Large Area $276
(More than 3 treatments may be necessary)

Do you have nice, but straight, lashes? This treatment is for you! Curls the lashes and they will look fabulous for a long time! Opens the eyes!
Regularly $90, now $75.

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All offers expire on September 30th, 2017.

*Skin Ambitions patients have been known for complete satisfaction of completed treatments, but results may vary depending on the individual. No guarantee is provided or implied.